Xerox 7500DX Colour Printer


Dec 8, 2009
Has ant one used Xerox 7500DX Colour Printer what is the print quality like are they expensive to run.
Thanks Ken
Sep 30, 2009
7500 it's a good device. New printing technology which puts quality and speed on a high standart for office printing.
I think the best exemple is that I have done some printing on 210gsm, photo quality on glossy paper and you would think a high office or production would have done it. Done on 1200x1200 dpi on LED tech.
Regarding maintenance, it really depends on your production. Due to be an LED machine if you follow the usage standarts you will worry more with toner running out than issues with the printer. Eventual update upgrades and your up and running.

Can not advise you more but I would have a look at the price plans for maintenance in case you are look for good deals.

Apr 19, 2011
i have worked with the 7500 and its a very good device and a good buy and as larbac says there is very little maintenance on it and it eats almost everything

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