1690MF paper grabber roller cleaned, all hell broke loose

Aug 26, 2016
My 1690MF has been twitchy about grabbing a sheet of paper. Swabbing the paper grabber roller helped for awhile, then the issue returned. This time I removed the roller and gave it a good cleaning. But after putting it back in (apparently not aligned, ahem), the printer made some never before heard gear-stripping noises during the paper-fetching cycle. Hmm, well I repositioned the roller so everything looked as it had when I started, but the gears (or whatever) are still protesting loudly... and it won't load a sheet. In fact it has to be shut off to stop the racket -- it doesn't time out with an error message. What have I done!? I fear the various gears are now out of sync and am clueless (obviously -- bad Alex) as to what might be done to remedy this. The printer was not all that much, for a color laser, and may not be worth a repair bill. I see the roller part on eBay for a few bucks, which would indicate a user-replaceable part, but the current roller looks fine. Is there some sort of "sync" procedure that might re-align the gear works...? I have to laugh at my idiocy, as I head to Amazon to peruse new printers. Anyone? Thanks and, oh yeah, hello, I'm new here, always forget to introduce myself. Am retired from PC repair and tech support (which is a good thing, yes?) and printers were never my area anyway. That alone should have kept my busy hands out of the damned thing, but, there it is.

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