4551 waste toner wt-860 doesn't fill completly - constantly asking for replacment

Jun 23, 2015

My company uses 2 kyocera 4551 printers each with the 4000 sheet finisher DF-790(C), the two 1500 sheet trays PF-740(B) paper trays and i am having an issue with 1 of them. No matter what brand, whether kyocera or off-brand, the printer asks every 5 minutes to have the waste toner replaced even though it is only fills up an inch or less. We tap the top and spin the shaft and its it good for another 5 mins and 1 inch more of waste toner. We even replace with a brand new waste toner and the same result. THIS IS DRIVING US CRAZY We literally can not do our normal jobs and complete print jobs on time due to the fact that it stops printing every 5 mins asking for a new waste toner. We are printing mainly on A5 double sided. The printer with the problem has 476458 total pages and the other printer which is exactly the same has 582001 but does not have any problems.

Has anyone come across this issue. Our printer techs cant figure it out so I am asking you guys hoping for a better result. We are in dire need.

PLEASE HELP! I appreciate any responses.

Thanks guys
Feb 5, 2018
kyocera can be a bit picky at times. is it a genuine kyocera waste toner bottle? or is it some someone that says it will fit your machine? genuine might fix the issue. if you have 2 of the same machine. what happens if you pull the waste toner bottle from the other machine and put it into the machine with the issue? do you get the same error?

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