ADF not working

Mar 14, 2014
Hello all, new here...

I have a multifunction Panasonic KX-MB2061, bought a few years ago. In the past week, the automatic document feeder (ADF) seems to have conked out. At first I noticed the ADF was working intermittently and finally it has stopped. I stick paper in there, I hear the beep (sometimes) when it senses the paper, so when I press Copy/Start, the printer starts running but the ADF doesn't forward the paper. Looking at the gears of the ADF, I see they aren't even moving/spinning. There is a ADF gear that interfaces with the main body of the printer, so I am thinking the source of the problem is inside the printer or maybe there is no electrical connection. Well, any help is appreciated. I don't know how much this might cost if I send it to a repair tech service. This was bought at Frys Electronics, and I believe they have a service department. But I will wait until I can find free help first.

~Rob / technoid

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