Adjust horizontal print position on Canon Pixma Pro 100s

Sep 23, 2017
I've had a Canon Pixma Pro 100s for a few years and one of the things I use it for is to print out 2 sided flags on thin cardboard. I've set up my art package so that I have two versions of the artwork that are exactly mirrored so I print one side and re-insert the page back into the printer the other side up and then print the other side. For my original printer this resulted in the images being pretty much exactly printed in top of each other (on opposite sides of the page).

I now have another Pixma Pro 100s as a back-up in case the first goes wrong. I've was printing the two sided flags on this recently, to check it works, and noticed that even with the same graphic files (that work fine on the original printer) that it doesn't print them in exactly the same place. After some more testing I've found that the newer printer prints images a little bit too far to the right. Only by about 1mm but this adds up to an error of 2mm in total and the flags are only small so it's noticeable. My original printer prints almost exactly in the middle. I've never calibrated it to do this so assume I must have got "lucky" that it's just right.

So...what I want to know is if there is a way to adjust the horizontal print position on the Canon Pixma Pro 100s? I was hoping to find something like an adjustment option to print "x" fractions of a mm more to the left or right, as it will only take a small adjustment to sort out.

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