Expression XP-970 - 4x6 photo paper image position adjustments?

Jan 3, 2020
I've got a new XP-970 (which replaced my longtime favorite Artisan 835 that finally deteriorated to unusable status).

Initial setup was easy enough, but I can't seem to center the print image on 4x6 photo paper coming from Cassette 1.

Anticipated symmetrical white border on left/top/right (portrait orientation) and on top/left/bottom (landscape orientation), but image is printed all the way to the trailing edge of the sheet (as the paper comes out onto the output tray). Please see attached examples of printout and cassette 1 setup.

I followed the detailed head alignment exercises upon initial startup. What am I missing? Epson printer support has been, um, less than helpful.




  • cassett-1-paper_alignment.jpg
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  • edge_error_sent.jpg
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