Assign another program to scanner button

Feb 8, 2011

I would like to ask you, if is it possible to assigne another program to scanner button (i mean hardware scanner on front panel) - after push scanner button, program will start.

I created program with help of WIA 2.0 and I need start this program by scanner button. Not start HP software and than start my program. My program can handling whole scanning process.

I have Windows 7 x32 and HP DeskJest F2180. When I installed HP driver with HP softwares, there isnt settings for this. There is only settings for "What has scanner to do after scanning - send to file, send to some aplication (Word)".

So, can be use scanner button for triggering another aplication? On my old HP scanner in Win XP it is possible through Events tab in HP printer/scanner properties. This option is gray in Windows 7.

Thanks for any reply.


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