Brand new xp-960 produces too much ink with 12pt glossy cardstock

Sep 3, 2017
it's from thick 22x28" poster board I cut down to 8.5x11" or 4.25x5.5" sheets. On the non-glossy side it's fine, but the glossy side, which is like semi-glossy I'd say, though I have no reference, it appears very wet and leaves streaks at the end as shown in pic. And I've tried the various glossy paper settings and a couple others with no apparent variation in the results. And I have added light to the image to lower the ink needed and have it set on draft quality, with these pushed to the extreme it goes away but it's forced and faint.


these would be like the first few prints, so I don't know if that means there is something wrong with the printer or it doesn't like the gloss or the paper itself. I know that most consumer printers don't officially support paper this thick, which doesn't necessarily mean it's a problem with the paper, or anything I can't resolve, so hopefully someone here can help me find a solution. I actually bought and tried a couple printers, tested a couple in the stores to finally find one that appears to be well equipped to handle this paper actually, but perhaps I'm pushing the limits? I like to think it's the gloss itself, but unfortunately I don't currently have any other normal glossy photo paper on hand to test with. Any ideas?

RXlJS (don't know why I can never display a pic directly)
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