Brother DCP-7030 Cartridge Help!

Discussion in 'Printer Repair' started by Bannside, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Bannside


    Apr 4, 2013
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    Hi there, I'm hoping you guys can be of help.

    I have a brother DCP-7030 printer. I've had it for around 2 years and have had no problems. However I recently ran out of toner so I replaced it with an official brother tn-2120 cartridge. Upon following the installation instructions correctly, the printer warms up and then displays the message 'toner life end' on the lcd screen.

    I have since bought another toner cartridge, this time tn-2110, and again received the same message. Both cartridges are official brother products bought from realible shops, so how can I resolve this?

    I've tried cleaning the wire, checking the status of the drum, going through the menu to see if theres an option to reset the printer or reset the toner level, checking the lever thing on the side of the cartridge hasn't tripped and even using the 'tape' trick found on the internet. None of this has worked.

    All help greatly appreciated :)
    Bannside, Apr 4, 2013
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