Brother DCP-7065DN smears paper it prints [VIDEOS + PICTURES]

Apr 19, 2019
Labels printed are easily "smeared". Touching the label results in it smearing. Often the labels come out already smeared or slightly speckled by the printer (just on the left column).

Printer model: | Brother DCP-7065DN
Print Frequency: | Low. 10 max per two weeks.
Current OS: | Windows 7 64-bit
Cartridges Used: | TN450 Toner bought here:
Labels used: |

#What steps you have already tried?
* Step 1 Cleaned the fuser? cartridge? rollers with a rag (it had toner residue on the rollers).
* Step 2 Printed 400 sheets to try and "clean" the printer.
* Step 3 Use new copy of TN450 Toner
* Step 4 Set printer paper settings to "label" (on the printer and on Windows), Thicker paper and "Improve Print Output" option in Brother advanced settings.



1) Printing + smearing label paper:

2) Printing + smearing A4 paper:


Smeared label paper after rubbing with fingers:

Smeared A4 paper after rubbing with fingers:
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