Brother DCP T-310 ¿internal problem?

Nov 6, 2019
Hello. Please call me Excidiar. I'm working since February of this year trying to raise clients for my little business. I make custom T-shirts using both my Whale (nickname for the printer) and an stamping device, wich transfers the print by applying pressure and heat.

However, since a few days ago, it started to go wrong.

It began with the usual "Printing lines" problem. Some horizontal traces were fine, others were wrong. —Okay, it's not too bad. — i thinked. — I have solved this problem before.

So i went to clean its heads by the usual method. It went fine. By the end of the process i had a clean page without any missing dots. However, my next try proved that something was still wrong. The same problem persisted.

Next, i tried to use what the page itself told me. To use the "Correct Feeding" function. Here is where it starts to go crazy. Next test's result: Almost total omission of the red colour, with very small traces of it here and there. Other test went even worse, full yellowish page. Finally the last of the tests was like the first one.

Then, by accident, my mother suggests "print again, try with the other USB port". She doesn't know anything about this, but i heard her because i still live in her house, and if i don't hear, it only means more problems. Surprise! It printed a perfect page. Once. Then it started to do bad prints immediately after that.

I thought — Maybe there's a connection? I don't know, better buy a second cable just to test, they are not too expensive in comparison to the whole printer. — I bought it, it didn't work. However, it made the printer start to: -Randomly suspend the work halfway through it. -Pale blueish prints alternate with almost good prints, yet with huge printing lines. - It began to sound like a car trying to turn on in plain winter.

I'm totally despaired. Tech Support from Brother Argentina doesn't respond trough any means, i lost my guarantee documentation, and i simply need the Whale to work in order for me to keep working. And i don't even know who to call, anyone who could help me, or what to do in order to get it fixed.

Extra data: My job uses solvent inks and thick paper, but the third party company that sold me both the printer and the stamping device told me that this model is supposed to suit the job.

Any help is welcome.

TL;DR: ¿Can you please tell me where to find any tech support for a Brother printer in Buenos Aires, Argentina?


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