Brother hl-2270dw clutch assembly

Sep 7, 2019
Hello all. The issue I am trying to figure out with the Brother HL-2270dw printer with printing from the tray. Steps taken so far...

1. Tested that the printer actually does printer. It does via the manual feed and I have pulled the tray all the way out and fed a piece of paper up through the tray slot with success.

2. Cleaned all appropriate parts and verified that there are no broken teeth on the paper feed cogs. Verified that the paper lifter in inside the tray functions (the metal plate under the paper)

3. Checked settings to verify that the correct paper is selected.

Now the issue...

When I have the tray in and print a test page, it will sound like the gears are spinning for a couple of seconds before the error light comes on and the monitor says out of paper. Checked and there is paper and it looks like the top sheet gets moved ever so slightly but then stops as the error light comes on.

The question I have about the clutch assembly is that when I feed it manually through the manual feed it looks like it engages and spins, but when I do it with the tray it, it does nothing. I'm not sure if it is supposed to engage with the tray or not. Could this be a problem with the PCB?


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