Brother MFC-685CW double striking with varying offset

Nov 22, 2016
I posted the following message in the Brother area over a week ago, but I haven't received a single reply, so I thought I'd give it a try here, since this is a repair-specific forum.

I've owned this multi-function MFC-685CW for a few years now. A friend gave it to me when he moved -- I think he bought it in 2009. It's been a very reliable printer and it has features I really like, so I'm hoping there's a fix to my problem.

As I wrote in the subject heading, my printer has started double-striking. The offset is always horizontal and it varies slightly. That is, the offset is not always the same. Sometimes it's very slight and represents only a minor inconvenience. Other times, there's an offset of almost a millimeter, and that becomes a real problem. My eyes don't want to focus when that happens. And other times, there's no offset at all.

I hope you understand what I mean by "offset." Picture a vertical line, like this: | Now imagine that when it's printed, you see two of them. And each time you print it, this separation can vary -- but not within the same print job. Within the job, the offset stays the same. But it may change in the very next job.

So, got any ideas? Has the controller for the print head crapped out or is there anything I can do? Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

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