Brother MFC-7420 need driver that supports Fax on Windows 10 x64

Mar 11, 2022
First my apology!
I thought I was posting this in the Drivers forum but accidentally posted it in the Discussion forum instead. I don't think I have a way to fix it but hopefully it can be moved if necessary. My apologies!

Brother MFC-7420 multifunction printer/scanner/fax
Windows 10 Pro x64

This version of Windows has a built in driver for the MFC-7420. But it doesn't support the Fax function.

On the computer I had before (which I don't have anymore) I had a driver installed that supported all functions of the MFC-7420 including Fax on Windows 10 x64. I found that driver several years ago in an online forum I think. There was a discussion about it and someone found out that this driver worked and mentioned it in the forum. I installed it and sure enough it did.

I remember it took me a long time to find it and now I am searching but can't locate it again.

I believe it was an official driver for another version of Windows that just happened to work by luck on Windows 10 even though it wasn't designed for it. But I am not sure... my recollection is fuzzy. I only know that it did indeed support all the functions of the MFC-7420 including Fax.

Does anyone know where I can find this driver? I spent an hour or two looking but have not been able to find it again or any information about which driver it was. Any help greatly appreciated!
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