Brother MFC-J5920DW Jammed - Can't get a hold of the paper - See photos

Sep 2, 2020
I was printing on business card stock. It has perforations in it. I do this all the time but it was a new manufacturers stock. It is jammed and I watched all the videos on clearing the jam but I can't get a hold of the paper to remove it. I want to avoid tearing it apart. In the front no paper is showing. When I open the back I see it but it is wrapped tightly around and I can't get a hold of the edges. When I open the top I see the paper and I've tried using pencil erasers to push it fwd or back to try to get a hold of it from front or back but can't move it. Please Help!! I've attached a photo of all 3 images in the off chance it helps :) Thank you.


  • PrintJam.jpg
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Jul 11, 2020
I have an MFC-J6945DW with a very similar engine to yours. Looking at the top image, you can grasp the paper on the left and right edges. Do this and pull up quite firmly but as you do also pull outwards with each hand as you pull up. This will reduce the shearing force on the paper and reduce the chance of it tearing. Increase the pull slowly and usually the printer mechanism will begin to turn or the paper will slip before it tears. Alternatively you can intentionally cut the paper lengthwise as you see it on the top photo or rear photos, which will turn it into two pieces and give you a grip. You can use an exacto knife for this, but be careful not to score the underlying printer mechanism. A third option is you can sometimes manually turn the roller mechanism to advance the paper. I wish printers all had a manual advance knob for just this purpose.

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