Brother MFC-T910DW Google Cloud Print Issues

Oct 7, 2019
I'm having issues with the Google Cloud Print (GCP) functions of the MFC-T910DW printer, specifically:
If I register the printer to GCP by its own, from the web interface http://"printer's IP" there is no option to select multiple copies when printing to it. I wrote Brother Romania's but I'm dumbfounded by their reply (after a week of trying to get them to replicate the issue): "The printer does not support multiple copies, I should have gotten a better printer"
If however I register the printer to GCP through a PC as any other printer, the multiple copies option shows up and works as normal but this way implies having that particular PC always on. I specifically bought this printer so I can print to it through GCP remotely without having to connect it to any computer.
Does anyone else have this model of printer and would be willing to check this issue on their end?


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