Can I use Epson 105/106 inks in my Epson XP-900 printer?

Oct 30, 2021
New to this forum.

My question concerns how to improve running costs with my Epson XP-900 printer.

I've had the XP900 for a couple of years and haven't given it much use due to very expensive running costs. I've used cheap Amazon Kingway cartridges for general printing with ok results. I now need to print off lots of photos which I want to frame and keep for years.

Means I need to use genuine Epson inks for print longevity. Wondered about replacing printer with an EcoTank version, but one that prints A3s is eyewateringly expensive, besides the XP printer prints very nicely and is in perfect working order so no need to replace.

My solution is to use the XP900 with a CISS or refillable cartridge system, veering towards refillable for simplicity. BUT what inks to use?

THe XP900 uses Claria inks, the nearest ecotank Epson inks that seem to match are the Epson 105/106 inks.

Am I right, can I use 105/106 inks in my XP900 without clogging or other problems and get a reasonable colour match with the originals?

Any other comments appreciated.


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