Cannot Print Postcards Anymore from HP Laserjet Pro M426fdw

Dec 3, 2018
Hello all,

In my office we used to print thousands of postcards every month off of this printer (LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw). Now all of the sudden the ink does not stick to the post cards, it smears. We can print about 3-5 before the ink is smeared to much to read. Normal printing we don't have an issue with and have continued to use it as such. I also did not have an issue printing 1,100 christmas cards off of it a couple weeks ago.

I spent about an hour on the phone with hp support trying different paper types in the print options. None of them seemed to make a difference so they told me postcards were not a supported paper type. When I pointed out that a week prior I printed about 800 postcards with no issues he said they should not have printed, chalked it up to luck.

Previously we used the bond paper type and it worked just fine. We had been using a offbrand ink cartidge and thought that might be the issue so we bought a hp cartridge but that did not make a difference. I've tried using the different paper sources and that does not make a difference. I tried the four types of print quality hoping for whatever reason that might help and it did not. Its all black and white printing with no graphics, just text. Printer is about 6 months old and I am using windows 10 64 bit pc if that makes a difference.

Thank you,


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