Canon CLI 271 resetter issue

Mar 26, 2017
Shortly after buying my Canon MG6821 printer I research online for a resetter - at that time (June 2107) limited products were available. I found one on eBay sold be a CHinese seller named zhiyan2. The carts that came with the printer lasted for several months and the Canon OEM replacements are now just beginning to run out. For the first time I refilled the magenta and the cyan yesterday that registered the red empty notification. The cyan refill went without incident but the magenta cartridge began leaking at the exit port and would not hold ink - unsure why this occurred?

Next I tried using the CLI270/271 resetter and according to the instructions when the cartridge is properly seated in the resetter an orange light is supposed to appear. If a red light appears the cartridge has not been reset. I tried it several times to be sure it was properly seated and aligned with the contact pins in the resetter but no orange light appears.

Wondering if I have a defective resetter or if Canon has somehow reengineered its newer CLI 270/271 to prevent resetting?

Anyone out there have similar experience or remedial suggestion>

TX Frank


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