Canon iP4850 rear tray paper position and guides

Aug 30, 2011
Very sorry if this is a long but... I've had this iP4850 a while now but I haven't got used to the way the rear paper position/guides works. I find it very frustrating the way BOTH guides move towards the centre instead of one being fixed.
I use the rear tray to print out once a week a thin (55mm) strip of card which starts off as A4 but gets thinner as I cut off each strip just printed.
The first full A4 is fine but then if I put the second narrower piece in the print is missing, presumably the print is off to the left and missed the card.
If I leave the guides fully out then it prints OK but the left hand guide doesn't grip the left hand side of the paper and sometimes the paper moves.
I've tried setting up printer settings reflecting the card strip size but this means I have to cut the card into strips first which isn't very convenient.
What I'm wondering is if there is any way to get the printer to work like previous printers which always started printing on the left hand side of the paper and not as this one does in the middle or wherever depending on what's being printed.
Thanks very much to anyone who's had the patience to read all this!! ;)

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