Canon MP250 Refill Issue

Dec 2, 2011

My problem is simple. I have a Canon MP250 printer with scanner and what-not incorporated. I refilled my original cartridges after they emptied one time and replugged them, and they worked, untill they got drained again. Now, i refilled the same cartridges for a second time, plugged them in, and they don't work anymore. My printer just gives out an E5 error and says they are not recognised.

I have read of a way to bypass the printer checking for actual cartridges but i can't access anything from the printer buttons for the sake of me. Any tips on how i could get to printing with these refilled cartridges?

May 8, 2013
Hi adHi:

Are you sure it was just the second time? As far as I know, you can refill up to 4-5times and will eventually wear out. Maybe that could be the reason.

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