Canon MX310

Aug 5, 2011
Hi Gang

I am new to this forum but not to computers and printers.

This friend of mine has this printer, and it was working great. He disconnected it and connected it to his wife's computer installed the same drivers, and it will not print right, all it will do is print HTML code on any thing she wants to print. So he disconnected it and put it on his computer and it prints correctly. So that tells me it has to be a setting on her computer that is causing this. Does any one have an idea of where to start looking for a correct setting. It will not print out any pictures, just HTML code. She will right click on say the MSN browser screen and selects preview, and the preview is in HTML

Both computers are Win 7, with about the same setups.

Jun 27, 2013
Well, rather frustrating. But that is the nature of printing ... I'm actually amazed that printing works at all, considering all that can go wrong.

Some questions:
* What application(s)? Same or different on the different computers?
* What are they trying to print ... emails? forms? web-pages that is just text? Or with images?
* Has the wife's computer been able to print in the past?
* I infer this is mostly or all text. Can you do "print preview" from within a browser?
* Perhaps start from a super basic app like "WordPad" that is included with Win-7 and try printing.
* Can you look in the Control Panel for devices, and see if they are installed ok? Check the "Device Manager" to see if install was "happy".
* Rebooted since the printer installation? That can cure a multitude of ailments.
* Done a "Windows Update" in case there has been an update to refresh the driver of this relatively old printer.


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