Canon PGI-1200 refill with dye or pigment ink?

Discussion in 'Ink Cartridges, Toner and Refills' started by phatso, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. phatso


    Jan 17, 2018
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    I have a Canon MB2720 on the way and will buy refillable ink cartridges for it. The question is whether I should use dye based ink or pigment ink. I believe OEM carts are pigment. I see a lot of bulk ink sellers offering dye based ink for the PGI-1200 tanks. I'm aware of the difference between dye and pigment ink and believe it's wise to always use the same type of ink to avoid damage to the printhead. Since I'll be starting with OEM carts (pigment ink, I believe) should I only use pigment ink for the life of the printhead? Does it really matter?

    And when I refill carts, is it important to refill with the same type I started with or can I refill with pigment and switch to dye with the next order of refill ink?

    Am I overthinking this? B-)
    phatso, Jan 17, 2018
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