Canon Pixma IP4200 doesn't print correctly

Mar 9, 2010
Hi! I am new to this forum and I have one problem. I have installed new cartridges, done Deep cleaning, even cleaned/washed the print heads following by one instruction I found. Anyway - the problem is, my printer does not print the 100% bright, pure yellow color. I was trying to print a 100%Y colored page many times, but it comes out like saturaation of just 10-15%. I am adding a photo what it looks like compared to CMYK catalogue colors. Even more - the yellow does not look pure - Cyan and/or Magenta dots supplements that yellow tone. Cyan and Magenta 100% tones for me looks +/- ok for home printing. What can I do and what's the problem?

Thanks! :)
And sorry for my bad english. Hope anyone can help...

P.S. Oh, I can't post image link here, but I added it in my profile as public album here on Printer Forums.
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