Canon Pixma IP4200 power light on off need reset?

Jul 10, 2019
Clogged print head. Cleared by removing and syringe method. Worked fine but:
Then the printer gave an "I do not like the print head" error.
Purchased a print head from eBay and the printer "likes the print head."
Suddenly, the print head moved to the right and parked.
Unplug for an hour, plug in and the power light comes on and then turns off.
Retry and hold the power light in and it stays lit as long as it's pressed.
Therefore seems like the power supply is OK but the printer is in ANGRY MODE.
I did earlier try a bunch of forum suggestions like turning off the waste ink counter by holding down the ON BUTTON and pressing the START button twice thus putting the printer into instruction mode and doing HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT. For all I know, I've turned it into a juicer or Roomba.

I am proud that I was able to get the cover off (Rubic's Cube 2.0) and get the cartridges out.
See images attached.

I need to get the printer started or throw it out and begin the grieving process over the 6 hours of my life lost to an ancient printer.


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