canon pixma ts6150

May 28, 2023

I need help urgently. I own a CANOON PIXMA TS6150 printer.
For the first time I have no ink in it. I actually took the empty ink cartridges out and don't have them anymore.
I obviously need to buy new ones, but will need some days until I do so... in the mean time, I urgently need to scan some photographs (work related business) and I can't. Simply put: this printer won't allow me to scan without detecting ink cartridges.

Is there any way of 'unlock' it the scanner? The touchscreen shows a message warning that there's no ink cartridges installed. Like I mentioned, I removed them and don't have them anymore.

I searched online and found out that some models require that we press certain buttons in order to unlock the scanner... but I couldn't find a solution for my own printer model...

Can anyone in this forum please help me?

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide me with.

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