Canon Pixma Pro 100s: printing on Matte paper at standard quality blocks print head?

Sep 23, 2017
I mostly use my Pixma Pro 100s for printing on glossy vinyl sticker material and so have the print settings on "Photo Paper Glossy II" and print quality set to "high". I've occasionally had issues with blocked channels on the print head but these are few and far between and can usually be rectified by running a cleaning cycle.

Just recently however I've noticed that printing with the settings "Matte Photo Paper" and "standard" quality, about 1/3 the way through a print the colour changes and so there is a problem with one or more of the ink channels. On performing a nozzle check either 1) the yellow channel isn't printing at all, or 2) the yellow and photo magenta channels aren't printing at all.

Prior to this everything is working fine so it's not as if there is a gradual blockage of the print head (I don't see the usual lines that you start to get prior to a full blockage). If I then run a quick cleaning cycle it all starts to work again, until sometime later if I try to run the settings on matte paper and standard quality it will often do it again.

My understanding of the settings is that a matte paper setting + standard quality (vs. photo paper and high standard) uses less ink. I was wondering if this is some indication that my print head has an actual issue, but the higher quality settings are allowing enough ink through such that is doesn't show at all on that setting, but on a setting where less ink is used it stops working completely.

I just think it's odd there is no warning / loss of quality prior to using a different setting, then it just stops working altogether (on the Y and PM channels) then works perfectly again once a basic cleaning cycle is performed.

Anyone got any ideas of experienced anything like this themselves?

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