Installation problem with Canon Pixma PRO-1

Feb 15, 2023
Greetings to All, I am new here and I am seeking help. I was trying to search all over the internet, but without luck. You are my only hope:)

I recently obtained Canon Pixma PRO-1 from friend who bought newer model. It was printing without issues for him but I was out of luck. When I connect the printer to my PC (Windows 10 - 64 bit). It recognizes that printer is connected but it is acting very strange. It appears under Devices and Printers but without any option:


It is not visible if I try to print from for example Word or anything. I downloaded the original Canon drivers from their website but I am not able to install it. When I start the installation I got stuck on this:


It is in Czech language but basically it tells me that I need to connect the printer over USB, turn it on and wait till the printer will be recognized - but that never happens.

What I have tried:
- Two different PCs with Windows 10 and one Windows 7 in VirtualBox - all same result.
- I turned printer into the Service mode and connected it to Canon Service Tool - this was success, I was able to print EEPROM data, let it print testing page (it came out without any issues). I also set the time and zone. But after restarting it back to normal mode the problem persist.
- I replaced all cartridges with spare ones - no cartriges are blinking which should indicate that they are OK.
- Different USB cable
- Connecting it over LAN - it is not discoverable by any device in the network.
- I tried to install new firmware using Printer Update Utility - also without any luck:


I am completely lost at this point. The printer itself is obviously functioning (tests and align pages are printed normally) but unable to connect to PC.

Any help or hint would be highly appreciated.

Million thanks in advance...!

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