Canon TS5051 printer - 898E4EF-TS5000series - Driver is unavailable

Mar 26, 2022
I have just got a new wireless router. I unable to print, but my daughter can print , I can print from my work (at home) computer, but I cannot print from my home computer. Previously I was able to.
I'm getting the above message. 898E4EF-TS5000series - Driver is unavailable.
If I remove the printer, add the printer, it appears on the list, if I connect I have to press a button on the printer (for the wireless connection) but then it comes up with the above error.

I can run to SetUp It downloads the file win-ts5000-1_0-n_mcd .exe, I run this - 'Start Set up', I disable the firewall, select Wireless LAN connection, the printer is on, when it tries to detect the printer the list is empty, I then specify the IPv4 address. It then says error searching the specified IP address.

Can you suggest what the problem could be. Thank you.

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