Can't decide on a printer

Mar 16, 2010
Hi all, I currently have a Canon i865 inkjet printer, and while it is pretty quick, I am replacing a cartridge every few days, not fond of the photo quailty and because it was given to me by someone who's pretty stupid, came with no bits, no DVD tray etc.

I am looking for a new printer and it's giving me a headache all these different versions etc, need one with good photo quality, but also good graphics quality as I am quite often burning Steam games to DVD and would like to print decent looking covers for them, with little to no bleeding. I would also like a printer that supports full face disc printing at good quality, where dark colours in the same area don't look like horrible smears.

I am also looking for one with wifi, though it's not totally essential, just one less cable, will settle for USB/Ethernet. One that isn't going to screw me over in time like Epsons with that overflow chip thing.

I have found 2 so far that I think seem to be OK, but not sure, first is the Canon Pixma IP4700, apparently has good photo quality, has a way to print on DVD's, though not sure of the DVD/graphics/tiny text quality, and it has no scanner.

Second is the Canon Pixma MP640, quite cheap yet I hear has great photo, DVD and scanning quality, and a good LCD, however, apparently the ink is used up VERY fast, as in a couple photos use up half the ink. Sounds unbelieveable but 2 people have said, so not sure. The similar MP990 version which is much more expensive doesn't sound much different other than an extra grey ink tank and more fine art type paper support.

Is there anything out there that I would be happy with, solid build, ink that isn't gone after a couple dozen high quality photos, good photo/graphics quality even graphics with fine text, DVD printing that looks great, and good scanner which doesn't cost an arm to get? :/

If anyone has the MP640 what is the ink usage like?


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