Deep Sleep Mode Brother MFC-L2700DW | Disable & Quick Fix

Oct 6, 2023

If you own a Brother MFC-L2700DW printer, you may have encountered the issue of it entering deep sleep mode, causing delays in printing and frustration for users. In this guide, we’ll explore how to disable deep sleep mode on the Brother MFC-L2700DW and provide quick fixes to common issues associated with this feature.

Understanding Deep Sleep Mode on Brother MFC-L2700DW

Deep sleep mode is a power-saving feature implemented in many printers, including the Brother MFC-L2700DW. When enabled, the printer enters a low-power state after a period of inactivity, reducing energy consumption. While this feature is beneficial for conserving energy, it can lead to delays in printing as the printer takes time to wake up from deep sleep.

Disabling Deep Sleep Mode on Brother MFC-L2700DW

To disable deep sleep mode on the Brother MFC-L2700DW and prevent printing delays, follow these steps:

  1. Access Printer Settings: On the printer’s control panel, navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Select Sleep Mode: Within the settings menu, locate the option for sleep mode or power saving mode.
  3. Adjust Settings: Depending on the printer model, you may have the option to adjust the duration before sleep mode activates or disable it entirely.
  4. Disable Deep Sleep: Choose the option to disable deep sleep mode and save the changes.
By disabling deep sleep mode, you can ensure that your Brother MFC-L2700DW remains ready to print without unnecessary delays.

Quick Fixes for Deep Sleep Mode Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with deep sleep mode on your Brother MFC-L2700DW, try these quick fixes:

  1. Update Firmware: Ensure that your printer has the latest firmware installed. Manufacturers often release updates to address bugs and improve performance.
  2. Adjust Settings: If disabling deep sleep mode isn’t an option, consider adjusting the sleep mode settings to extend the duration before the printer enters low-power mode.
  3. Print Regularly: Printing regularly can prevent the printer from entering deep sleep mode frequently. Consider printing a test page or document periodically to keep the printer active.
  4. Network Connection: Ensure that the printer is connected to a stable network. Issues with the network connection can trigger deep sleep mode unnecessarily.
  5. Power Cycle Printer: Occasionally power cycling the printer can resolve temporary glitches and wake it up from deep sleep mode.
  6. Reset Printer: Performing a factory reset on the printer can reset all settings, including sleep mode preferences. Refer to the printer’s user manual for instructions on how to reset it.
  7. Check Power Settings: Verify that the printer’s power settings are configured correctly and that there are no conflicts with other power-saving features.
  8. Clean Printer Sensors: Dust and debris can interfere with the printer’s sensors, causing it to enter deep sleep mode unexpectedly. Clean the printer’s sensors regularly to prevent issues.
  9. Contact Support: If you’ve tried all troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing issues with deep sleep mode, contact Brother customer support for assistance.
  10. Consider Professional Service: If the printer continues to experience deep sleep mode issues despite troubleshooting efforts, it may require professional service or repair.

FAQs: Addressing Common Concerns

Let’s address some frequently asked questions regarding deep sleep mode on the Brother MFC-L2700DW:

1. How does deep sleep mode affect printing speed?

  • Deep sleep mode can cause delays in printing as the printer needs time to wake up and warm up from low-power mode.
2. Can I disable deep sleep mode permanently?

  • Depending on the printer model, you may be able to disable deep sleep mode permanently through the printer’s settings menu.
3. Will disabling deep sleep mode increase power consumption?

  • Disabling deep sleep mode may increase power consumption slightly, but it can prevent delays in printing and improve overall efficiency.
4. Is deep sleep mode necessary for energy conservation?

  • While deep sleep mode helps conserve energy, it’s not essential for all users. You can weigh the benefits of energy conservation against the inconvenience of printing delays.
5. How do I know if my printer is in deep sleep mode?

  • The printer’s display panel may indicate when it enters deep sleep mode. Additionally, you may notice delays in printing when waking the printer from sleep.
6. Can I adjust the duration of deep sleep mode?

  • Yes, many printers allow you to adjust the duration before deep sleep mode activates. Refer to the printer’s settings menu for customization options.
7. Will disabling deep sleep mode affect the printer’s lifespan?

  • Disabling deep sleep mode is unlikely to have a significant impact on the printer’s lifespan. However, it may lead to slightly higher energy consumption over time.
8. Why does my printer enter deep sleep mode frequently?

  • Frequent deep sleep mode activation may be due to settings, network issues, or inactivity. Adjusting settings and ensuring a stable network connection can help alleviate this issue.
9. Can I schedule deep sleep mode to activate at specific times?

  • Some printers may offer scheduling options for deep sleep mode activation. Check the printer’s settings menu or user manual for scheduling capabilities.
10. Does deep sleep mode affect wireless connectivity?

  • Deep sleep mode may temporarily interrupt wireless connectivity as the printer wakes up from low-power mode. However, it should reconnect automatically once active.

Conclusion: Optimizing Printer Performance

In conclusion, deep sleep mode can be a useful energy-saving feature on the Brother MFC-L2700DW printer, but it may cause delays in printing. By following the steps outlined in this guide to disable deep sleep mode and implementing quick fixes for common issues, you can optimize your printer’s performance and ensure efficient printing operations. Don’t let deep sleep mode slow you down — take control of your printer’s settings and enjoy seamless printing experiences.


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