Does a Tank printer that does duplex scanning actually exist?

Oct 31, 2021
The printhead on my 9 year old HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus has failed and disappointingly the cost of replacing this part is prohibitively high, clearly HP want customers to purchase new printers and discard the old, rather than helping save the planet!

So, given the cost of printer cartridges is so high, I thought I would purchase a tank printer and promptly bought an Epson ET-4750. This is my first move away from HP in 25 years! The Epson wasn't cheap at £350, but I consoled myself with the thought I would make savings on cartridges over the years.

Unfortunately, on day 3 of owning the Epson, I realised it doesn't do automatic double sided scanning! Although this isn't something I do often, I do have to do it and the inconvenience of having to feed the documents in twice to scan both sides is not acceptable. At £350, this printer should be making my morning drink of tea, so it is a real loss of functionality that it can't do the basics of duplex scanning, especially when it does duplex printing and copying!

Thankfully, it was purchased from Amazon, so can easily be returned, so I decided to do more thorough research and ensure the next tank printer included duplex scanning. To my surprise I've been unable to find one, so it would seem that I have to choose between a tank printer, giving cheap ink or revert back to an expensive cartridge printer that does double sided scanning.

Unless, someone on this forum can point me in the direction of a tank printer that includes duplex scanning? Ideally, I don't want to spend more than £400.

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