ECOSYS M2535dn

Jun 8, 2017
Hi everybody!

I have a Kyocera ECOSYS M2535dn that every scan I make (scan to network folder) prints a report about the scan process.
In the report the printer says that the scan was ok and file was created.
Who cares? Having the pdf file in the network folder is already a confirm about the scan.

I chatted to the italian customer care via chat on their website and the support told me I have to phone tem so they can turn off this function but they will charge me because the printer is out of warranty (I bought it 3 years ago).

Charge me just for this piece of information? :mad: on the phone?:(

I read the pdf user manual but I found nothing about this report.

Can anyone please tell me how to turn off this "function"?

Thanks a lot.


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