Ecosys P6130cdn - Status Monitor

Jun 8, 2017
hope you can give me a help. :)
(and sorry for my english because it's not my native language).

I have a printer as in object.
I have set the ip manually, installed on windows 7 pro 64bit (also 8.1 64bit) with original cd via standard way.

Everytime I print a job the status monitor appears.
I would like to turn it off so this annoyng box will not appears anymore, but in the status monitor option (the whell icon on the right top corner of the box) the checkbox ENABLE NOTIFY ACTIVITY is not checked. So? :(

I've already chatted with the kyocera support (Italy) via chat but they havent's solved this issue. The support told me that if the check box is not selected the status monitor shouldn't appear :rolleyes:. They suggested me to install again the printer :( but I wouldn't do that just in case windows could goes crazy. (you know, install-uninstall-install again is not good for windows)

Is there anyone that have/had this issue? or have an idea on how to solve it?

Many thanks in advanced.

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