EcoTank ET-4850 Prints lacking Contrast

Jan 23, 2023
I've only just set up this Eco printer (with inks included in the box) and have done test prints and the printer keeps printing images that aren't identical in color, for example if I print something bright pink it comes out more of a lighter shade pink . You can tell that the colors are lacking contrast in them than they should have. It's not super dramatic but it's enough to be noticeable especially since I'm doing graphic art and need the printer to print the images as close to the original as possible. The same color issue happens when scanning/photocopying so it's not only happening with digital images.

Our previous printer was an Epson Workforce and was very basic as a printer but printed the colors accurately , the reason we have changed from that basic printer to this new Epson Eco tank is due to the cost of ink cartridges compared to the eco bottle inks.

If anyone has an idea on why the printer is not printing the images accurately in color or knows how to set the contrast higher (without having to set it up with each individual image) that would be great because its either a problem with the application, the printer or the ink or a setting.

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