Epsom ET-2714 black ink issue *HELP!*

Feb 8, 2023
Hi everyone, could anyone help me with this issue as Ive tried everything (run all checks/cleaning/alignment etc.) and have sat googling this for ages but still cannot figure out how to fix it. I have this printer which is brand new, I used it once a year ago then its been sat since. Finally got round to properly get using it yesterday but its not printing right. I use it for sublimation and noticed the black wasnt printing at all. After running the usual checks/cleaning etc. it is now printing black but its dirty with slight lines running through the test text and also little bit of splatter effect round it.

Can anyone tell me what I can do? I live in rural NE Scotland so not easy to find someone to fix it. I cannot afford a replacement and its probably out of warranty now its been sat. I really need it working now. Help please!

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