Epsom NX110, How refill?

Aug 15, 2010
I have the Epsom inkjet printer/scanner NX110, which takes the black cart 88/69 (Epsom uses a separate cart for each of the 3 colors + 1 black cart. They all have the same number, so the identification name includes the color and number, like Yellow 88/69 or Cyan 88/69). When I try to refill a cart, the software of the printer doesn’t recognize a useful cart. I keep getting the pop up that the cart is empty, and I can’t proceed with printing.
There must be a chip or some mechanism in the cart Epsom uses to defeat refilling.
What’s the workaround for this? How can I print with a refilled cart?

I should mention that I've refilled numerous carts of other manufactures with success. I tired Epsom when my last Cannon broke.

~~ Nehmo

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