Epson ET-2650 weird problem

Feb 8, 2021
So I got one of the kits to clean the print nozzles using a solution and syringe and rubber tubing because the built-in cleaning functions didn't do the trick. After cleaning the black and yellow nozzles I was getting decent print quality. I performed this operation on my kitchen table because the lighting is better and I can clean up messes better there. Cleanup done, I carried it back to my office area and re-connected the USB and the power. Now it doesn't print anything. Not a smudge even. When I print it looks and sounds like it's working except the paper is as clean coming out as it went in. When I carried it, I didn't tilt it at all. It's like all of the nozzles stopped working simultaneously. Cyan and magenta never had a problem before.

I re-installed the drivers and firmware. The test page doesn't print. Just feeds the paper. The nozzle alignment page doesn't print. Just feeds the paper.

Any ideas?


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