Epson expression XP-4150 ink

May 23, 2023
Hello I am new to the forums and here hoping someone can help me with the problem that I am faced with at the minute, I have an Epson expression XP-4150 and I am very happy with the print quality but my only gripe the ink usage is very bad getting about 40 pages printed then get a notice that the cartridges need to be replaced.

The setting are all standard as right out of the box so I was wondering if there is something in the settings that I could change to help with the ink consumption because I have been using genuine Epson cartridges which are not cheap, I have always had Epson printers and none have been as thirsty as this one so if nothing can be done to conserve ink then looks like a new printer is the way to go. This printer is just over a year old and already into my 5th set of cartridges.....thanks in advance

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