Head alignment Epson Expression Premium xp - 6100

Feb 12, 2023
I have recently purchased an Epson Expression Premium XP - 6100 and am having a problem aligning the heads to avoid issues with the printing.
I have tried the vertical and horizontal methods as shown on their website, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. Can anyone tell me if I need to be adjusting the vertical or horizontal settings? (Example attached).
By the way when I have gone through the change of settings (up to and including #9) - on the vertical adjustment, the bottom right hand corner of the screen shows 'dismiss' as the only option. I 'ok' this but nothing seems to have changed. Should there be a 'save settings' option?
I attach a 'redacted' copy of an example. The 2 rectangular orange boxes show the areas of concern, top one - wonky letters and misaligned lines, bottom one, wonky letters.
As you can see not all lines of text are problematic.
Sorry if this is all a bit muddled, but trying to explain it as I understand it.


  • scan epson redacted.pdf
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