Epson Front Load Fine Art P800

Jul 16, 2020
I am trying to use the front loading setup for the first time and it has been elusive. I am using Epson Hot Press Natural and Epson Print Layout.
I have followed the instructions assuredly multiple times, but the same things keep happening. I load the paper per the video by Epson on

When I go to print document, since I have selected Espon Hot Natural as the paper source, the only Paper Source options are:
Front Fine Art
Front Fine Art Borderless Auto Expand
Roll Paper
Front Poster Board

I select Front Fine Art and Print. Paper loads, then the printer gets a Yellow error banner that says the Rear Door is closed and to open it, but it is already open. If I try to proceed it just says error and will not continue. Meanwhile the driver window (MacOS) says: "Position of front manual feed tray or rear support is invalid" I have gone through the process several times trying to see if there was a hiccup somewhere, but it all seems correct until the error comes up on the printer LCD.

Greatly appreciate tips to solve the issue.

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