Epson P700 bi-directional vs uni-directional printing

Apr 16, 2019
With all Quality Options set to maximum (see below), a 6x9 print takes 24 minutes. It's a new printer, so I had no idea what to expect. Is this normal?

Level: 5
Print Quality: SuperPhoto - 5760x1440 dpi
MicroWeave: Super
High Speed OFF
Edge Smoothing OFF
Finest Detail ON
Bottom Edge Print Quality Priority OFF

If I turn on High Speed, printing is bidirectional. This cuts the time in half, but even 12 minutes seems long for a 6x9 print.

Whether High Speed is checked or not, the printer makes a popping sound when it reverses direction at the right end of the track (as you face the printer). The sound reminds me of the sound made by a bouncing tennis ball.

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