Problem with my Epson SC P7000

Nov 30, 2021
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my Epson SC P7000. The problem is just with the GREEN color, the other colors are perfectly fine! One of the last nozzle check is the following:

I used Windex, made power cleaning cycles and I have been flushing the green for about one week without success.

As you see at the beginning of the print, the color is well defined but after 1cm it gets lighter in some way.

I think the problem has something to do with the "air pump" or similar.
In September this year I was not at home for 30 days and a friend of mine came once to turn on the printer. While the printer was performing a cleaning cycle, the printer detected the green ink was not sufficient to finish the cycle and it asked to replace the green ink cartridge.
Unfortunately my friend didn't stay until the end of the cleaning cycle, so the printer remained in this state for 2 weeks until I came back home.
I almost had an heart attack, but I calmed down when I saw that the nozzle check was fine. After few days 2-3 green lines in a nozzle check were missing. At the beginning it was just 2-3 lines but it got worse with time and now 6-8 green lines here and there are consistently disrupted (see first attached image).
One important observation: the more I print the lighter the color becomes.

Do you have any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance.

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