Epson R1800 add printer!

Apr 24, 2018
Has anyone encountered this problem.
I received a "no printer" msg while attempting to print a photo (in Photoshop). The R1800 didn't appear in Print Page Setup and when I attempted to re-add the printer the Add Printer Utility failed (did nothing, little wheel spun around forever).

I reloaded the printer drivers (OEM drivers that came with the printer) and same problem. I did a system restore (OS 10.3, Powermac AGP G4). Same problem. I installed a new hard-drive and did a fresh system install and same problem.

The Epson printer utility sees the printer. I can do a nozzle check, add ink, etc. I've connected the printer to a PC running W7 and print text files with a generic epson driver. I'm thinking the printer is ok and this is a system problem.

Does anyone know if then Add Printer Utility (Apple OS 10.3) is an Apple system utility or is it an Epson utility.

Can upgrading to OS 10.4 solve this problem. 10.4 is as far as I can upgrade the G4 and Epson driver is compatible with 10.1-10.4 only. Would restoring to 10.1 maybe solve the utility problem?

Any suggestions anyone. I've used this printer and G4 together for years (not ever connected to the internet). Printer up this problem produced exceptional print quality.

Would appreciate any and all suggestions...except buy a new printer ;-)


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