Epson Stylus DX4400

Dec 9, 2012
I would be grateful for technical assistance and knowledge to enable me to fix my printer.

Firstly I am using a Dell 9150 PC running windows XP professional.

Connection to my DX4400 Printer is via a USB Cable

Early today I noticed that the print quality was disimproving. I went to the Maintenence Section of the Printer Software Prog and cleaned the head . When the Head was cleaned a message came up Black Cartridge was out of ink. .

The supposedly Epson Identified Black Cartridge appeared half full of ink when I shook it.
This was replaced with a completely new Epson Compatible Cartridge. The Machine went through its initialisation process and then a message came up to say the Cyan Cartridge was out of ink . This was replaced and initialisation took place when another message came up to say Magenta Cartridge was out of ink..This was replaced and initialisation took place, then a message came up to say Yellow Cartridge is out of ink.This was replaced and initialisation took place and then a message came up to say magenta Cartridge was out of ink.......I had not used the printer so how could a completely full replacement cartridge be out of ink ?

I might add that all the supposedly Epson identified so called empty cartridges were still fairly full of ink as I could hear the ink rolling around as I shook them

The Printer head returned to its rest position the Power Light remained on, and the Ink Warning Light remained on , this was followed immediately by 3 BEEPS .

The Printer will not print at all and the Printer head is in the Parked Position.

Help requested

Thank You

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