Epson Stylus NX430 Not Printing with Dell Inspiron 1525

Jun 20, 2015
I'm unable to explain why my Epson NX430 will not now print, when it has worked fine in the past. It is USB-connected to my Dell Inspiron 1525. The Printer is shown in the Printer folder as "Ready", but every time I try to print something I get an "error" and the document will not print. In "Properties" for the printer the Port is proper. Mysteriously to me, in the Device Manager folder there are seven (7) "unknown devices" listed, all shown with a yellow ! I've uninstalled and disabled each of them, all with no success. When I restart, the same reappears. Should I delete everything pertaining to the printer
and re-install? I've spent many, many hours on this problem...would greatly appreciate some
helpful advice. Thanks!

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