Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD beep 5 times

Nov 13, 2021
Initial problem with this printer, PX730WD, was printing with horozontal lines. Well known problem, needed to do head cleaning, from it's own software. After several nozzle check & head cleaning, the problem still persisted, so I checked on youtube how to clean it manually. The head was locked above the recipient, so to move it to the left, I printed a page and powered off the printer when he finished the job. Then, I was able to move the head to the left. Here is what I did:
There was indeed a lot of ink in this small recipient, I removed it with dry paper. But, after powering on, the printer do some checking, like normally when it starts up, then it shows on the screen this message:
"Printer error. Turn power off and then on again. For details, see your documentation or visit" and 5 beeps.
I turned it off and on many times - the same problem. Now is worse than before. I can't do a factory reset, nothing.
Someone knows what's the problem?

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