Epson SureColor P800 ink smudges on edge of plain paper

Apr 19, 2017
My rather new P800 is making smudges on the edge of plain paper.
Am wondering if others have encountered this problem.
The paper transport seems to cause the far edge of the paper
to curve up, so each time the print head passes the edge and returns back
there is a tic sound and the edge of the paper can have ink smudges on it.
Not always but most sheets have some ink smudge.

Photo paper is heavier weight and has not had that kind of problem.
I've had an Epson support person tell me that I should use another
printer for plain paper, and I often do, but when I need top quality I've
used my prior photo printers for that output without problems. As for
using another printer, my Epson 730 Artisan has a weak streak 2/3
of the way down the page and is not suitable for professionsl communications.
Plain paper is plainly offered as a print option in the P800's driver as it has
in all my prior printers.
P 800 plain paper Ink smears.jpg
Dec 7, 2016
Clean your rubber transport rollers Reverse load your paper as well
Florida, USA

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