Epson WP-4533 Prints only Black despite brand new OEM color cartridges

Jan 3, 2022
Hi everyone,

Several years ago I bought from the EPSON store a refurbished WP-4533

Flash forward a few years finally opened it up.

I also use refillable cartridges with much success on my workforce 4540 and 4530 for a decade with no issues

So, I set up everything, I knew not to prime the new printer with the refilled cartridges I have so I used the Epson cartridges that the printer came with

Went through its process but at the very end status screen said “OUT OF INK”

Not having spare genuine epsons on hand I used the generic, started printing fine, then picture quality got worse and worse and worse. ( I guess at first it used the original ink in the pipeline.

Oh, Black works great ( Epson or Generic) as that came with MORE in in the starter cartridges

Anyway, came back from officemax with Genuine Epson 676xl cartridges for magenta, cyan and yellow.

No luck, prints in monochrome only, not even a trace of color, none

Did the nozzle, print head cleaning and alignment to no avail

What might I do to get back color?

Or has it just aged out without ever being used?



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