Error 133.00 engine error on an mx910de

Jun 3, 2022
Hello all,
A Google search does not reveal an exact match.
133.1, 133.2 133.3 have to do with errors in toner densities.

Error 133.00 results in a completely locked out screen. I can't go to any menus or anything. I have to powercycle the machine. It will print out another couple of pages and then throw the 133.00 error again.

Manuals I've found online says to go into the diagnostics menu and reset the density sensor (for the errors 133.1, .2, .3, etc.) I can't find any diagnostics menu ANYWHERE.
I was hoping someone might know what's ACTUALLY wrong.
Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Sincerely, Sean
Apr 12, 2024
Enter diagnostics by powering off, hold 3 and 6, turn on printer and hold buttons until the loading bar is half way there. Hope this helps!

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